What are people saying about their experience after being coached by Kevin and Jim?

Barbara  G says:
About Coaching

About Resume Development

Even though I am a seasoned job hunter, Careers In Transition Coaching has brought a new set of skills to assist me in finding and closing on the position that I want.  Not just any position, but a position that will excite and motivate me, meets my agenda and one which will provide the opportunity for me to use my skills and experience to excel.  This series of coaching classes got me to think differently about the approach to my search, and helped place the power to find the perfect job back in my own hands.  Through the use of ROC Power phrases and reviewing my experience to emphasis my strengths my resume now reflects the talent and special services I can offer a company.  Jim and Kevin have provided me with the tools to stand out among all those presently in the job hunt as well as the ability to demonstrate to employers that I will be the right fit and an asset to their organization.

Mary I says:

About Goals

Learning About Her Strengths

I would recommend Careers In Transition Coaching seminars to anyone looking to change careers or find a new job. The tools presented are extremely helpful for keeping you focused and keeping you on target.

Susan M says:
Learning About Her Strengths & Interview Practice

The idea of chasing companies and not jobs is a really cool thing. It makes you focus on what you want, and on contacting working professionals in companies you want to work with… and determine how you can add value in those firms. It is hard work, but it turns the process around!